Phytoremediation insuring safe selenium levels essay

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Selenium Danger?

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How to Find the Best Selenium Supplement

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Phytoremediation of Soil Metals

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An overdose of selenium may cause bad breath, fever, and nausea, as well as liver, kidney and heart problems and other symptoms. At high enough levels, selenium could cause death.

Interactions. A meta-analysis conducted inexamined twenty-six studies and found that there were significant differences in whole blood selenium levels, serum selenium levels, selenium levels in the hair, and urinary selenium levels between subjects with KBD and healthy controls, with the former having significantly lower levels of selenium on all.

Treatment of Selenium-Containing Coal Mining Wastewaters 6 Today, there are two different types of active, fixed-film systems that have received significant field testing with selenium-containing coal mining wastewaters – the.

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Producing nutritious and safe foods sufficiently and sustainably is the ultimate goal of modern agriculture. Past efforts have focused on increasing crop yields, but enhancing the concentrations of mineral micronutrients has become an urgent task because about half of the world population suffers from the malnutrition of iron, zinc, and selenium.

Phytoremediation is a cost effective, environmental friendly, aesthetically pleasing approach most suitable for developing countries. Despite this potential, phytoremediation is yet to become a commercially available technology in India. This paper reports about the mobility, bioavaliability and plant response to presence of soil heavy metals.

Phytoremediation Phytoremediation insuring safe selenium levels essay
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Phytoremediation of Selenium and Other Toxic Trace Elements